Tea ceremony and Calligraphy teacher kindly invite you to host house, located near Omotesando metro station to experience traditional Japanese culture. This tour is recommended for tourist who are interested in Japanese culture, who are visiting Japan for the first time, and for those who want to feel hospitality of Japanese people.

Price $250 per person + guide charge

Included gifts:

  • Japanese tea Matcha
  • Tool set to make Matcha
  • Your hand writing works of calligraphy
  • Furoshiki


Welcome Drink

Enjoy two type of sake tasting with traditional japanese appetizers.

Calligraphy Shodo experience.

“Shodo” is the art of drawing japanese characters with “Fude" and ”Sumi”. Host will help you on how to use and write with brush.

Completed works with your name on it will be your handmade souvenir.

"Sado" is one of Japan's traditional cultural practices preparing tea for the guests.

Enjoy two type of sake tasting with traditional japanese appetizers.

Matcha experience

Enjoy your handmade Matcha with the Japanese sweets.

Kimono experience

For women customers (men are also acceptable), you can have experience to wear a luxurious Kimono which is the traditional costume of a Japanese bride.

Don't forget to take beatiful picture with your camera wearing Kimono in japanese garden with breathtaking view.

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If you have question, please don't hesitate to contact us (via get in touch).

$ 250.00 per person + guide charges

Sunday, Monday, Thursday
10am to 13pm / 15pm to 18pm
Duration : 3hours