‘trewhealth is a fresh, vibrant, personal health company, dedicated to the advancement of improved health and well being within the corporate, government, business and general communities’.

trewhealth is a national Melbourne based company focusing specifically on community health and fitness whilst specializing in all aspects of corporate health solutions.

trewhealth is located at, and works in conjunction with, the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, generally recognized as the leading sporting and wellness complex in the Southern Hemisphere.

Access to state of the art facilities and the expertise provided by trewhealth through its team of university graduates and associated health professionals, ensures all services are appropriate to individual client’s needs and are delivered to the highest satisfaction levels.

‘I am extremely passionate about helping people improve themselves, both physically and professionally, and to challenge their personal limits through physical discomfort and mental disassociation’.

Tory Trewhitt – Director of trewheath Management.



Mission Statement

Our goal is to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of your employees, empowering them as individuals within their teams to create synergy and productive confidence to enhance the working environment within your organisation.

‘We strive to inspire positive behavioural changes and encourage participation in healthy practices within and outside the workplace setting. We endeavour to improve the lives of every participant in our Workplace Programs’.

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