If you would prefer to exercise with a group or need that discipline to exercise in the morning or evening, then the trewhealth Boot Camp is for you.
Our qualified trainers will give you the commands you need to get into shape.
A great way to have fun, meet new people and training partners.

  • Indoor Outdoor facilities
  • FREE Breakfast and educational material
  • 6.00am or 6.30pm Tailored programs for all fitness levels
  • session start times
  • FREE T-shirt
  • Option to attend two to three sessions per week


  • Life Work Balance
  • Stress Management
  • The Realistic Australian
  • Goal setting
  • Dimensions of health
  • Healthy eating in the work place
  • GET REAL- making males accountable

MotivAGE Health Assessment

trew corporate

Our goal is to improve the health and wellbeing, physically, emotionally and mentally of employees. We aim to enhance their working environment, reduce absenteeism and staff turnover whilst increasing productivity and efficiency.

Our passionate trewhealth university trained staff create a concept employees can relate to, thus guaranteeing high staff participation, increased social interaction and a greater understanding and awareness of health vitality within your organisation.

We focus on a balanced view of health; fully flexible knowing full well that every employee has different needs and may require individual attention.

Corporate Health Brochure

facility management

‘Incorporating Health, Wellness and Personal Trainers’

Looking to add exercise to your next meeting agenda? An environment that stimulates the mind and body. The environment is transformed into an area team members can relate to guaranteeing high staff participation, increased social interaction and a greater understanding and awareness of health and well being within your organization.

trewhealth use’s the latest most successful training techniques to guarantee the highest returns for all team members, resulting in less work related injuries and greater productivity. Having trewhealth staff on site allows access to a wealth of information for empowering, motivating and developing the skills and knowledge to achieve personal and fitness goals.

ergonomic layout, design & equipment

Need help with existing facilities or thinking about incorporating a fitness facility into your office environment?

trewhealth professional staff are able to provide the most functional, affordable and feasible adaptations to your gymnasium.

For those looking to start afresh trewhealth will provide all the necessary equipment, designed to your specific needs. trewhealth provide advice on all aspects from facility design, set up and implementation, lighting and interior décor right through to financial solutions from purchasing, rental and leasing schemes.

Result – less work related injuries and greater productivity.

‘We strive to inspire healthy behavioral changes and encourage participation in healthy practices within and outside the workplace setting. Ultimately we endeavor to positively affect the lives of every participant in our Workplace Programs – with productivity being the key’.

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